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Keep your office space private and professional with Casper Cloaking Window Film from Greenlight.

Casper Window Films is a name we’ve all come to know and trust, thanks to their creative mindset and tireless dedication to improving the window film industry. They’ve earned their spot as one of the top window film manufacturers not just in the United States, but across the globe. Here at GreenLight Window Films, we’re big fans of Casper films, which is why we offer a fantastic selection of their products in the Kansas City area. We know from experience that they really deliver when it comes to solar control, security, and UV protection, among other things. So, get in contact with us and see for yourself what makes Casper Window Films so special!

Casper Sun Control Window Films

Casper window films are expertly designed to offer exceptional heat rejection while maintaining optimal visible light transmission. By choosing Casper sun control films, you can experience unparalleled clarity while simultaneously lowering your energy expenses. These remarkable films have the potential to decrease solar heat gain by as much as 79%, leading to significant energy savings and a return on investment in under three years. Enhance your space with the professional and persuasive power of Casper window films.

Casper Safety & Security Window Film

Always be ready for the unforeseen with Casper safety and security window films – a smart choice for safeguarding your property. Casper security window films are designed to keep glass intact in the face of high-velocity impacts, minimizing the hazards posed by airborne glass fragments. Boasting remarkable durability, these films can withstand an array of threats such as severe storms, tornadoes, blast hazards, forced entry, hail, and more. Choose Casper security films for superior protection that you, your business, and your employees can rely on.

Casper Decorative Window Film

Elevate the ambiance of your home or office with Casper decorative window films, designed to enhance your space with style and sophistication. Casper decorative films are ideal for incorporating vibrant colors and bespoke patterns into your walls or windows. With an extensive array of styles at your disposal, including frosted, dusted, and textured films, you have the creative freedom to achieve the desired look and feel for your interiors. Discover the transformative power of Casper decorative window films and make your space truly exceptional.

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