Huper Optik Products

Greenlight Window Films offers Huper Optik window films that provide unparalleled performance and functionality.

HuperOptik stands out as a groundbreaking force, committed to pushing the boundaries of the window film industry. Renowned as a top-tier window film manufacturer in the United States and internationally, HuperOptik consistently delivers excellence through their diverse product offerings. GreenLight Window Films is thrilled to provide a wide array of HuperOptik films for the Kansas City metropolitan area. Our decision to feature HuperOptik products stems from their proven track record in areas such as solar control, security, and UV protection, among others. Experience the difference with HuperOptik window films, designed to exceed your expectations and elevate your space with inventive, high-performance solutions.

Huper Optik's High-Performance Infrared Heat Rejection

Experience the exceptional cooling capabilities of Huper Optik window films, meticulously designed to reject up to 98% of infrared heat. Huper Optik’s advanced heat rejection technology aids in lowering energy consumption, reducing the strain on cooling systems, and ultimately contributing to a greener environment. Whether it’s a sweltering summer day or a sun-soaked winter afternoon, Huper Optik ensures a consistently comfortable indoor climate in homes and buildings. Enjoy not only the immediate comfort, but also the long-term energy savings with Huper Optik’s state-of-the-art heat rejection window films.

Huper Optik's Exceptional UV Blocking Solutions

Protect your interiors from the relentless onslaught of harmful UV rays with Huper Optik window films, engineered to block up to an extraordinary 99.9% of these damaging rays. Huper Optik’s unparalleled UV protection acts as a silent guardian for your furnishings and fabrics, preserving their color and integrity against the relentless fade and discoloration caused by UV exposure. More importantly, by effectively reducing UV radiation, Huper Optik window films foster a healthier living space, shielding your skin from potential harm. Embrace a brighter, safer, and more vibrant indoor environment with Huper Optik.

Huper Optik's Superior Glare Reduction Films

Step into a world of enhanced visual comfort with Huper Optik window films, thoughtfully designed to reduce glare from the sun. Huper Optik’s glare reduction solutions work tirelessly to improve the visibility of computer screens and electronic devices, making daily tasks more enjoyable and productive. Whether you’re catching up on work, watching your favorite show, or engaging in a video call, Huper Optik is an easy choice when for those seeking high performance and efficiency from their window film.

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