SolarGard Products

Solar Gard offers a variety of window film products that provide energy-saving, safety and security, UV protection, glare reduction, and decorative features for commercial and residential buildings.

SolarGard is highly regarded for their pioneering approach and relentless progress in the window film industry. As one of the top window film manufacturers in the United States and across the globe, they continue to impress with their exceptional product range. At GreenLight Window Films, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of SolarGard films in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We choose to carry SolarGard products because they consistently deliver outstanding results in solar control, security, UV protection, and beyond. Trust SolarGard window films to meet and exceed your expectations, enhancing your space with innovative and effective solutions.

SolarGard Safety & Security Window Film

Being prepared for the unexpected is essential, and with SolarGard safety and security window film, you can ensure you’re protected. SolarGard security window film keeps glass intact during high-velocity impacts and minimizes risks associated with flying glass shards. Its exceptional durability enables it to withstand various threats, including severe storms, tornadoes, blast hazards, forced entry, hail, and more. SolarGard security film provides top-notch protection for your business and employees.

SolarGard Anti-Graffiti

Enhance the ambiance of your home or office with SolarGard decorative window films. SolarGard decorative films are perfect for infusing vibrant colors and custom designs into your walls or windows. They come in an extensive range of styles, including frosted, dusted, and textured, allowing you to achieve the exact look and style you desire.

SolarGard Sun Control Window Films

SolarGard sun control window films are expertly designed to deliver superior heat rejection while maintaining optimal visible light transmission. With SolarGard sun control films, you can experience crystal-clear views while reducing energy expenses. These films can decrease solar heat gain by up to 79%, offering you significant energy savings with a return on investment in under three years.

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