Solyx Products

Solyx Window I Flea Film offers a range of stylish and functional privacy solutions for your windows.

Solyx has earned a remarkable reputation for their innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence in the window film industry. As a leading window film manufacturer in the United States and around the world, Solyx never ceases to amaze with their diverse and high-quality product offerings. At GreenLight Window Films, we take pride in providing a comprehensive range of Solyx films to our clients in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We choose to partner with Solyx because their products consistently achieve exceptional results in areas such as solar control, security, UV protection, and more. You can feel safe in relying on Solyx window films to surpass your expectations, elevating your space with ingenious and efficient solutions.

Solyx Sun Control & Energy Efficient Window Films

Experience the perfect balance of heat rejection and visible light transmission with Solyx sun control window films. These films are specifically crafted to give you clear views while minimizing energy consumption. Solyx sun control films have the capacity to decrease solar heat gain by up to 79%, translating into remarkable energy savings and a swift return on investment in under three years.

Decorative Window Films by Solyx

Elevate the atmosphere of your living or working space using Solyx decorative window films. These films offer a versatile solution for incorporating vivid colors and personalized designs onto your windows and walls. With a diverse selection of styles like frosted, dusted, and textured, Solyx decorative films empower you to achieve your desired aesthetic with ease.

Solyx Safety & Security Window Film

Stay prepared for unexpected events with the protection of Solyx safety and security window film. Solyx security film is designed to keep glass secured during high-impact situations, minimizing potential dangers caused by shattered glass. With remarkable resilience, Solyx security film can endure a wide range of threats, from extreme weather conditions and blast incidents to break-ins and hail. Trust Solyx security film to deliver exceptional protection for your business and its occupants.

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