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The city of Chicago is one of the biggest in the US and one of the original. Established in 1833 “The Windy City” has grown into a center for world commerce. With nearly 3 million people and hundreds of thousands of businesses–the need for window film solutions is very real. As the Chicago area’s most trusted window film contractor–we know this first hand. The need for window tinting and films stem from things like intense summer and winter weather, high rates of crime and vandalism, and myriads of big and small business spaces. And there is no one more familiar with the film solutions that will help residential and commercial Chicago space. From homes in neighborhoods of Englewood and Lake View to hotels and boutiques in Wicker Park–we carry surface and film solutions for them all. GreenLight Window Films is honored to be Chicago’s trusted window film contractor. For over fifteen years, we have been installing window film in homes and businesses across Illinois and the rest of the United States. We are experts at identifying the right film to solve any architectural challenge – from safety films that secure skylights, entrances, and ceiling glass to energy efficient options that reduce summer heat gain while enhancing winter comfort. We know that it can be overwhelming to sort through the myriad of window film brands and products that are out there today. Our experts are here to guide you through the process and make your window tinting project in Chicago a success! 

Energy Conservation for Your Chicago Home or Business

Chicago experiences unpredictable weather almost year round with tough winters. The constant sun can make it extremely difficult to lover HVAC consumption and to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. Energy efficient window film is an affordable solution for Chicago homeowners that can help them save significantly all year round. Window film is a great alternative to window replacement due to its lower price and premium energy efficiency benefits. This wonderful ROI can increase home equity while helping Chicago homeowners save. It’s also a great investment for schools, offices, and businesses looking to enhance comfort and save on energy costs!

UV Protection for Chicago Residence and Commercial Spaces

Harmful UV rays are the culprit of discoloring floors, distorted art, warped display merchandise, fading floors, considerable skin disease, and significant eye concerns. Protect building occupants, valuables, and more with UV blocking window tint. With the capability of blocking up to 99.9% of UV rays, window film defends against permanent damage in any Chicago property. By keeping UV rays out of your interior, window tinting helps prevent furniture and floors from undergoing photodegradation, a terrible process that results in the bleaching of colors and depletion of their saturation and vibrancy. What’s more, it’s also recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for its extraordinary health benefits and ability to prevent skin cancers like melanoma. From health to home and beyond, window tinting works to protect you from radiation at all times and avoid the consequences of sun damage. 

Decorative Window Films for Residential and Commercial Properties

Hey there, Chicago friends! We at GreenLight Window Films are excited to share our fantastic decorative film collection with you, the most extensive in the area. Looking to personalize your space? Our customizable decorative films come in just about any color, design, or texture you can imagine, perfect for HD printing to meet your marketing or home decorating dreams. On a budget? No problem! Our affordable films not only add style, but also provide privacy solutions, boost brand recognition, and support temporary or regional sales promotions. You name it, we’ve got you covered! So, whether you want your restaurant to shine on the Magnificent Mile, draw in shoppers to your River North retail store or hotel, or just spruce up your lovely Lincoln Park, Lakeview, or Gold Coast home, we’re here to help find the perfect solution. Our decorative films offer a wide range of styles, from frosted to patterned, textured to stained glass, and even custom designs to suit any Chicago property. Let’s work together to make your space uniquely yours!

Bird Safety Window Film in Chicago

Bird strikes are a major problem in Chicago due to the abundance of skyscrapers, aircraft traffic, and continual encroachment on natural spaces and wildlife habitats. Not only do these terrible incidents result in tragic and untimely animal deaths, but they also create trouble for property owners who have to clean up the mess and pay for the damage. Bird strike prevention film offers Chicago property owners a way to prevent bird glass collisions and avoid costly window damage. At Green Light Window Films, we’ve teamed up with top producers like Solyx and 3M to offer you the very best bird safety film available on the market today.

Increase Safety in Your Chicago Home or Office

Enhance or add to your security efforts in your Chicago residential or commercial property with safety and security window film. These powerful films protect against everything from natural disasters, explosions, attacks, burglaries, and slip and fall accidents. Security film helps prevent damage from broken glass and flying debris hazards because it keeps glass adhered to film. Crime in Chicago is a serious matter and in recent years, the number of homicides and shootings have exceeded those in other large cities like Los Angeles and New York. With security film, Chicago home and business owners can rest assured knowing they have a backup plan in place. Our security solutions are fully comprehensive and include ballistic resistant window film, safety film for glass strengthening, anti-intrusion, bomb blast protection, and more. 

Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Experts estimate that approximately 80% of homicides that occur in Chicago are committed with firearms. Unfortunately, these statistics are expected to worsen in the coming years due to challenges presented by lax gun laws, growing crime and gang activity, and lack of mental health resources. Ballistic resistant window film offers Chicago property owners a way to fight back against gun violence and proactively protect their building from danger. These revolutionary protective films work to actively guard against danger by increasing glass strength and shatter-resistance. From colleges and grade schools to commercial enterprises, political and finance institutions, and beyond, commercial buildings of all types can take advantage of the advanced safety and protection that ballistic resistant films have to offer.

Bomb Blast Window Film

In a world where safety concerns abound, it’s no wonder that bomb blast window film is becoming the go-to solution for enhancing security. Explosives and bombs are the primary means that terrorists use to target large crowds due to their extensive impact and destructive nature. History has shown us the alarming damage that these devices can cause in schools, churches, and public buildings. In places like chemical labs, manufacturing plants, and warehouses that contain flammable materials, explosions are also a major concern and have strong potential to cause injuries and damage property. Bomb blast window films offer Chicago schools and businesses a way to mitigate the effects of bomb blasts and keep staff and occupants safe.

Metal and Mirror Protective Films

Dealing with damage to your property can be frustrating and expensive. Unfortunately, this is a reality that many industries face on a daily basis including education, public transit, retail, and restaurant businesses. Damaged mirrors and metal surfaces not only look unsightly but also involve expensive repairs that can quickly deplete your budget. Our mirror and metal protective films provide Chicago property owners with a way to minimize damage and save on restoration costs. Use them in your interior in places like restrooms, lobbies, kitchens, or classroom or apply them to exterior elements like signs, metal siding, handrails, and more. Our protective films can make your space look just like new and are an affordable alternative to expensive replacement measures.

Exterior Refinishing and Building Wraps

With a population of 2.69 million people, Chicago is one of the largest cities in the world. Every day, new people are moving here and new businesses are being established. To stand out among competitors, businesses need to be able to market themselves in unique and engaging ways. Exterior building wraps provide Chicago businesses with an interesting and eye-catching aesthetic and help reach new customers, increase brand recognition, and drive sales. From retail locations on Michigan Ave and State Street to theaters, restaurants, and bars in River North, commercial buildings of all types can take advantage of our stylish exterior window films and vinyl wraps.

Commercial Window Film for Chicago

Chicago is rapidly developing into a hotbed of business and opportunity, offering good wages and safety for families to flourish. And as investments rise each year across the area, why not maximize your returns with energy-efficient window tinting & security film? Not only do this commercial window tinting options provide great ROI – cheaper utility bills & reduced repair costs – but also protection against burglary, natural disasters or graffiti attacks! Invest in comprehensive coverage that pays off long-term – invest in GreenLight Window Films today!

Residential Window Film for Chicago

Elevate your Chicago home with GreenLight Window Films’ top-quality residential window tinting. Enrich the beauty of any living space, reduce glare for more sustainable builds, and add an extra layer of privacy – all from one affordable solution! Our wide selection ensures superior energy efficiency and enhanced security – making us a premier choice throughout the nation today! Breathe new life into downtown condos or newly built residences; let’s get started on that beautiful transformation now.

Managing a busy office in Chicago is no easy task. Not only do you have to worry about high energy costs created by the lake effect, but you also have to be on guard when it comes to matters like security, vandalism, and increasing competition for business. Our office window films provide Chicago businesses with an all-in-one solution for addressing pressing architectural concerns. Add beautiful branding and privacy to your interior, heighten your security measures, improve energy efficiency, and more! Green Light Window Films offers solution for Chicago offices large and small. We will work closely with your administrative staff or office managers to understand your needs. Whether your goal is to increase productivity, save on energy costs, reduce glare, or modernize your interior, our extensive selection of office window films guarantees the perfect match.

Chicago hosts millions of international and domestic travelers each year. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, travelers coming to Chicago often higher expectations due the city’s reputation as being a tourist hotspot and notable destination. With hotel window tinting, Chicago hospitality businesses can go the extra mile to impress guests and create a luxrious and relaxing stay. From energy efficient films that optimize temperatures and maximize comfort to privacy and decorative solutions that address aesthetic concerns, we offer a number of options to meet the needs of hotel businesses of all types.

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, healthcare facilities are facing a whole new set of challenges related to the functionality and architectural design of their building. Increasing concerns over patient privacy and safety, rising energy costs, and the emergency of new medical equipment and technology have forced healthcare professionals to change the way they utilize their space. Our window films provide Chicago healthcare facilities with a way to easily adapt to these changes and overcome critical architectural concerns. From daylight redirecting films that boost immune responses and shorten patient recovery times to innovative security and energy efficient films, we offer a number of solutions that cater to the needs of modern healthcare facilities.

In the retail industry, window film is a beneficial investment for many reasons. Chicago businesses can use flashy decorative films to get the attention of consumers passing by on the street and entice them to walk through their doors. Then, once they enter, stylish privacy films and promotional films can add beauty that enhances the browsing experience and leads to an increase in transaction numbers. Not only this, but window tinting provides security and uv protection for vulnerable storefronts, safeguarding valuable items and physical property. From boutiques on Michigan Ave to department stores, malls, grocery stores, and more, retail businesses of all types benefit from window film. Green Light Window Films is prepared to help your retail location tackle any challenge – from preventing vandalism and property damage to enhancing security, energy efficiency, and more!

The hospitality industry is full of opportunities for window tinting. Hotels and restaurants with window film immediately set themselves apart because of the fantastic guest experience they provide. Visitors are more comfortable, relaxed, and have a good time when they’re not distracted by glare or the weather. And it’s remarkable the difference a few decorative window films can make in terms of establishing the right aesthetic! From security to energy efficiency, window film benefits Chicago businesses in more ways than one! At Green Light Window Films, we offer solutions for restaurants and bars of all types. Whether you’re looking for a security option for your fine dining establishment in the Loop or glare reduction film for your sports bar, we’ve got you covered. Our window films are the ideal choice for cafes, diners, counter service and fast food businesses, breweries, nightclubs, and more!

Chicago is known for its strong sports culture and affinity for the arts. Theaters, concert venues, stadiums, and arenas can be found in abundance throughout the city, offering residents and tourists numerous options for entertainment. Security, energy costs, and aesthetics are often the primary concerns in these environments. Building managers strive to make a positive impression while protecting their bottom line and the safety of patrons. Window tinting provides Chicago venues with an easy way to make these enhancements while minimizing cost. From durable security options that protect against bomb blasts and terrorist attacks to cost-effective energy efficient solutions, building managers can explore a variety of options to address their architectural concerns.

Chicago is home to some of the nation’s top schools. Preserving the safety and integrity of these spaces is critical so that students and teachers can be successful. By upgrading Chicago schools with window film, campuses can become more secure, energy efficient, and primed for the future. Window film is a low-cost investment that won’t do damage to a school’s budget, but will protect it from serious threats like rising energy expenses, break-ins, and vandalism. Browse our selection of school window films today to find out what opportunities are available for your campus! Green Light Window Films proudly serves higher education institutions and schools throughout Chicago. Our window films are an excellent investment for childcare facilities, elementary schools, high schools, community colleges, private universities, public colleges and universities, technology schools, art institutions, trade schools, and more!

Chicago is home to a number of notable museums and attractions including the Shedd Aquarium, Art Institute of Chicago, Field Museum, and more. Installing window film for your Chicago museum, art gallery, or library has extensive benefits including energy savings, enhanced security, and more. From custom decorative films that catch attention and impress visitors to security films that prevent intrusion and UV blocking options that fight fading, we offer a number of options to meet your building’s needs. Our expert staff will walk you through your options and help you find the solution that aligns best with your goals. We work in a variety of public buildings throughout Chicago including school libraries, nature centers, zoos and aquariums, science museums, local landmarks, historic sites, and more.

Green Light Window Films is proud to extend our services to jails, prisons, and secured locations throughout Chicago. We’re familiar with the unique challenges present in these types of high security environments and offer solutions for enhancing safety, preventing vandalism, controlling temperatures and operating expenses, and more. Our window films are a powerful tool for courthouses, police stations, military buildings, detoxes, psychiatric institutions, detention facilities, and more. We will work closely with your warden or administrative staff to gain a thorough understanding of your budget and goals. Our commercial window tinting options include anti-graffiti film, energy saving film, ballistic resistant systems, privacy tinting, and many other options.

An average of 2,520 people travel through Chicago O’Hare International Airport each day. Chicago hosts some of the busiest transit systems in the world and new challenges are being presented in the industry every day. Window film provides Chicago mass transit system with an affordable option for updating transit facilities and vehicles. From security films that protect passengers and staff to anti-graffiti and energy efficient options, we offer a number of solutions for the mass transit industry. Bomb blast and ballistic resistant film is ideal for protecting against terrorist attempts, hazardous weather, and safety concerns. And with low-e film, transit businesses can cut back considerably on operating expenses. Our window films are a smart investment for transit businesses of all types including light rails, bus lines, train systems, cruise lines, airports, and more.

Huper Optik has been the leader in nanoceramic technology since 1998. Huper Optik Window Films offer advanced security, energy efficiency, and more.

Madico has been in business for over 100 years and is one of the top window film manufacturers in the United States. You can count on Madico for excellent aesthetics, performance, and longevity.

Solar Gard is the speciality films division of Saint-Gobain, a world renowned building technology icon. Solar Gard films are backed by over 350 years of industry knowledge and offer outstanding security, comfort, and beauty. 

LLumar is an acclaimed brand of window film produced by Eastman Performance Films. LLumar films offer protection, comfort, and style and are ideal for home and business use alike.

Green Light Window Films is proud to be the trusted source for window film and tinting in the Fort Collins metro area. We serve homeowners, businesses, and organizations all throughout Fort Collins and the surrounding areas including La Salle, Loveland, Meade, Longmont, Timnarth, Bellevue, and beyond. Call today to get an estimate!