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In the Fort Collins Area

Fort Collins is considered to be one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. Larimer County’s population has increased by 20% in less than a decade and is expected to continue growing in the coming years. As the economy continues to grow and the job market flourishes, construction rates are expected to increase rapidly over the next few years. At GreenLight Window Films, we are always happy to partner with commercial property and homeowners in the Fort Collins area on new construction projects as well as building remodels and renovations. Our window films offer an incredible opportunity for families and businesses to venture into the future prepared for the many changes that are expected to happen in Fort Collins over the next several years. We carry everything from climate control window films for year round energy savings to security films for safety and protection as well as many decorative film options. Fort Collins is a fantastic city with much to be enjoyed, from close proximity to Rocky Mountain National Park, educational opportunities at Colorado State University, recreation at Horsetooth Reservoir, and so much more. Still, we know that life can be challenging, which is why we’re here to provide you with the tools you need. Our window films can help you navigate the challenges of today while preparing for a bright and beautiful tomorrow.

Energy Saving for Your Fort Collins Home or Business

Energy efficient window film provides Fort Collins homeowners and business owners the opportunity to save money while improving building comfort. With energy efficient window film, you can save up to 30% on annual energy costs. By eliminating hot/cold spots and creating a consistent, comfortable internal environment, you can actually increase home comfortability, employee productivity, and tenant retention.

We know that keeping your space comfortable and energy efficient can be challenging in Fort Collins due to the cold, semi-arid climate. The long, hot summers cause your property to heat up and force you to spend more on air-conditioning. Then, winter comes along and brings intense cold and an average of 51.4 inches of snowfall. Our window tinting experts are committed to helping you find the right solution for keeping your property energy efficient all-year round and maximizing your comfort and savings. 

UV Blocking Window Film for Fort Collins Residence and Commercial Spaces

Protect valuables and building occupants with window film’s unique UV blocking properties. Equivalent to SPF 1000, window film protects Fort Collins properties from fading floors, discolored furniture, distorted art, warped display merchandise, shortened product life, significant skin and eye concerns, and more.

Fort Collins sits at an elevation of approximately 5,003 feet, making UV radiation an even greater threat than usual. At this high altitude, it’s critical to take measures to protect your property and your health from UV damage. Our UV blocking solutions can put your concerns about UV rays at rest and provide you with comprehensive protection from the sun!

Decorative & Frosted Window Films for Fort Collins Buildings

Add beautiful decorative elements to your Fort Collins home or business with decorative window film. Decorative window film is highly customizable and available in a multitude of design options, colors, and textures. Add privacy with frosted window film, create promotional ad space with HD printed film, or utilize existing space for unique designs.

At Green Light Window Films, we offer a number of solutions for meeting your decorative and promotional needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your restaurant or retail store in Old Town or add a touch of glamor to your home in Old Prospect, Terry Point, or Warren Shores, we’ve got the perfect option for you! 

Bird Collision Prevention Window Film for Denver

Prevent window collisions and save bird lives with the power of bird strike prevention film. Applied around the world, this special fritted pattern almost invisible to human sight creates a grid that warns birds against flying into windows; yet offers multiple practical benefits too! Not only is there advanced UV protection and insulation without compromising natural light levels in any room – but you can rejoice in knowing your Denver home has an elegant modern look while helping protect our valuable feathered friends at the same time.

Fort Collins’ diverse and lush landscape makes it the ideal habitat for birds. There are over 44 protected Natural Areas in the Fort Collins metro, totaling about 41,000 acres and many birds choose to make these places their home. By installing bird strike prevention film for your Fort Collins home or business, you can take steps to protect the local birds and critters that live in our city. Bird safety films are an innovative solution for preventing bird glass collisions and costly window damage. They’re available in a variety of styles including patterned, dotted, and striped options, making it easy for you to choose the option that looks best in your space. Do your part to protect the local wildlife and keep birds safe! 

Increase Safety in Your Fort Collins Home or Office

Safety and security window films provide premium security advantages for both residential and commercial properties in Fort Collins. This preventative safety solution protects against natural disasters, attacks, explosions, burglaries, and freak accidents. By bonding existing glass together after impact, security film mitigates broken glass hazards.

While other security methods like surveillance cameras, smart doorbells, and alarms only work to scare away intruders, security film actually keeps them from getting inside. It also works to minimize damage to your interior, making cleanup easier after an intrusive event. If your property is home to rambunctious pets or children who like to play sports outside or contains valuable equipment, merchandise, or information, our security solutions are a must! 

Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Fort Collins Businesses

There is perhaps no crisis more concerning in the U.S. than the epidemic of violent crime we are currently experiencing. Every day, over 300 people are shot in the U.S. and many suffer permanently damaging and life-threatening injuries. Our ballistic resistant window films provide Fort Collins schools, businesses, and organizations with a way to protect their property against gunfire and acts of violence. By altering glass at the molecular level, these systems help increase glass shatter-resistant, protecting against bombings, shootings, explosions, and other dangers. Whether you’re an administrator or board member at Poudre School District or a business owner in downtown Fort Collins, ballistic resistant window film is a must-have addition to your security system.

Bomb Blast Window Film Benefits

Thousands of explosion-related incidents occur in the U.S. each, hundreds of which are bombings. Educational, residential, and entertainment locations are among the top targets, though explosions are also a concern in research labs, power plants, and manufacturing facilities. Bomb blast window film provides Fort Collins property owners with a revolutionary method for mitigating damage caused by explosions. By deflecting energy from blasts and increasing glass shatter resistance, it works to prevent damage and protect building occupants. From schools in the suburbs to businesses in downtown Fort Collins on Main Street, properties of all types can benefit from bomb blast window film. 

Metal and Mirror Surface Film for Restoration

Graffiti damages in the U.S. cost over $12 billion each year to repair. Catching graffiti artists in the act is nearly impossible and all too often, property owners are left to foot the bill. If you’re having trouble keeping the mirrors and metal surfaces in your property free of graffiti, consider our protective window films. Mirror and metal protective film makes it easy to deter vandals and disguise graffiti damage. Use it to address corrosion, acid etching, vandalism, everyday wear and tear, and more. From restaurants and shops in University Park to hotels in Old Town and Fort Collins schools, commercial buildings of all types can reap the benefits!

Exterior Window Resurfacing and Building Wraps

Fort Collins is a beautiful city known for its artistic vibe. Your building deserves an exterior that’s just as striking as its surroundings. Exterior building wraps and window films are a cost-effective and eye-catching way to give your building a fresh, new look. Exterior films are made of durable materials that can withstand wind, rain, and sun, helping to prolong the life of your building’s exterior. In addition, they can be customized with your company’s branding, logo, and message, so you can promote your business and increase your visibility. Whether you’re looking to update your historic building on Main Street or want to make your business in Harmony Crossing stand out from the crowd, our exterior building wraps can provide the solution you need!

Commercial Window Tinting in Fort Collins

Colorado Springs is rapidly developing into a hotbed of business and opportunity, offering good wages and safety for families to flourish. And as investments rise each year across the area, why not maximize your returns with energy-efficient window tinting & security film? Not only do these commercial window film options provide great ROI – cheaper utility bills & reduced repair costs – but also protection against burglary, natural disasters, or graffiti attacks! Invest in comprehensive coverage that pays off long-term – invest in GreenLight Window Films today!

Residential Window Tinting in Fort Collins

Elevate your home with GreenLight Window Films’ top-quality residential window tinting. Enrich the beauty of any living space, reduce glare for more sustainable builds, and add an extra layer of privacy – all from one affordable solution! Our wide selection ensures superior energy efficiency and enhanced security – making us a premier choice across Fort Collins today! Breathe new life into downtown condos or newly built residences; let’s get started on that beautiful transformation now.

Energy costs are a major expenditure for offices, accounting for nearly 20% of operating expenses on average. Office window film is a cost-effective solution for Fort Collins businesses looking to improve energy efficiency and create a more comfortable, productive work environment. This versatile technology can be easily applied to existing windows, providing immediate benefits such as reducing heat gain in the summer and preventing heat loss in the winter. Not only does window tinting help reduce office energy costs, but it also improves the comfort of employees and clients by reducing glare on computer screens and creating a more pleasant working environment. In addition, office window film can be used to enhance privacy and security by obscuring the view into the office from the outside. Office window film is a smart investment for any business in Fort Collins, from high rise buildings in the downtown area to medical offices in Hunting Hills, academic offices in Ram’s Village, and beyond. 

Each year hotels accommodate tens of thousands of guests here in lovely Fort Collins and as such saving money on one of hospitality’s biggest expenditures,  energy, is a top priority to be profitable. Window film saves hotels a huge amount of money (over 20%) on their utility bills year after year and is shown to dramatically increase guest satisfaction by reducing glare.

If you want to make a name for your hospitality business and attract new customers, you need to be able to provide an exceptional guest experience. Hotel window film is an excellent solution for hotels looking to improve energy efficiency, increase guest comfort, and enhance the overall aesthetic of their property. From historic hotels in Old Prospect to bed and breakfasts downtown to newer businesses in Fossil Creek, hotel window tinting is an investment that pays off.

The harmful UV rays of the sun are bad for healing and also promote more health problems for patients in hospitals. Happily,  window film blocks the harmful rays of the sun from bother or hurting patients while still letting in natural light to foster healthy healing and good moral. It also means an added layer of protection for Fort Collins hospitals from collateral damage from exploding glass in the event of a natural disaster or attack.

Your patients need to be able to obtain medical attention in a private setting that’s calming, comfortable, and secure. Hospital window film is an essential solution for healthcare facilities looking to enhance their space and create an outstanding patient experience. From dentists offices and general practitioners to urgent care facilities, hospitals, and beyond, we offer solutions to meet the needs of any Fort Collins healthcare business. 

Storefront windows are the most vulnerable part of a retail operation and need protection from the all too common smash and grab crimes.   Window film is a strong and cost-effective way to keep goods safe and make an easy score impossible. It also protects products from being destroyed due to fading or melting from the sun’s UV rays.

Did you know that 73% of retail customers prefer brands with personalized shopping experiences? Retail window film provides Fort Collins businesses with a way to create an exceptional customer experience, increase sales, and gain recognition. From boutiques on Main Street to shopping centers in the foothills, outlet stores, grocery stores, and beyond, our window films satisfy the needs of all types of retail businesses.

Tables by the windows in restaurants, arguably the best in the house, often go unused due to glare and heat from the sun.  However, with window film applied to the windows, solar heat transfer and glare through windows is put to an end–allowing restaurants to offer the very best experience and make more money.  Decorative film is also a fantastic decorative element to display your Fort Collins restaurant’s logo, hours and specials.

Whether your goal is to enhance comfort, add security, or boost aesthetics, we can help you find the solution you need to make your business a success. From coffee shops, breweries, and fast food places in University Park to diners restaurants in Miramont, City Park, and beyond, food and beverage businesses of all types can benefit from window tinting.

Stadiums, which hold a lot of people in close proximity to one another are an attractive soft target for terrorists.  Therefore, venues for music shows, festivals and sporting events must consider additional security measures, like window film,  to keep fans safe. Security film is a strong and affordable way to protect show-goers protected against bullets, bombs and even exploding glass should an attack or disaster occur.

Additionally, it can also be used to solve problems related to graffiti, energy efficiency, and privacy. You can even decorative film to create large promotional materials, advertise upcoming events, and showcase your brand. At Green Light Window Films, we understand the unique challenges that venue managers face and are here to help. We offer a variety of solutions for Fort Collins sports stadiums, concert venues, theaters, and more. 

Studies show that glare through windows can be a huge distraction for students and impedes retention. Window film curbs glare from windows and even redirects it deeper into classroom helping children learn more efficiently in the process.  Plus, safety and security window film provides the much-need security for our society’s most vulnerable–our children.

Whether you’re looking to address graffiti concerns, enhance security or energy efficiency, or make other upgrades to your campus, we can provide the solution you need. Our window films are the ideal option for Fort Collins preschools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and beyond.

UV blocking window film is pertinent for protecting art, investments, and other costly items within your Denver museums, art galleries, and libraries. UV blocking window film stops harmful UV rays from causing irreversible damage to your valuables. Decorative film can be utilized for creative curation, as part of art exhibits, to promote upcoming events, and much more. Security film is necessary for deterring smash-and-grab robberies and defending building occupants from burglaries, break-ins, and more.  Just like any space open to the public, museums, galleries, and libraries struggle with vandalism, making them the perfect place to have graffiti-prevention films installed.

High-end security films, attachment frame systems, and adhesives are the strong protection somewhere like a jail or correctional facility need.  Strong enough even to stop potential escapes. It also protects prisoners and guards from the uncomfortable glare of the sun thereby improving overall morale and lowering violence.

Window film also offers detention centers a way to control graffiti, reduce energy costs, and increase privacy. Let us show you how window tinting can make an impact in your facility and help you fulfill your role of helping to keep Fort Collins residents safe. 

Likely some of the most sought-after targets for terrorism are bus stations and airports.  These types of structures definitely need the strength of security window film to keep travelers protected.   Also, anti-graffiti film also keeps the flat surfaces in these travel hub free of unsightly graffiti free.

From addressing security concerns to enhancing energy efficiency and supporting sustainable measures, protecting passenger privacy, and beyond, window tinting can help your transit business succeed in more ways than one. Learn more about the benefits for your bus system, airport, or public transit business today!