Commercial Safety and Security

Protect your commercial property with Greenlight Window Films' safety and security window films. Our films can help prevent break-ins, vandalism, and damage from natural disasters, while also improving energy efficiency and reducing glare.

An Added Layer of Protection

That Secures Your Building

Protecting your commercial building from damage, theft and accidents has never been easier. Safety and security window films are designed to offer an unprecedented level of protection – guarding your property against natural disasters, accidental breakage and even deterring potential intruders. Installation is simple and won’t compromise the aesthetic of your building; plus, it’s almost unnoticeable from the outside. With these films in place, you can rest assured that no matter what risks may come, your windows will remain intact – providing essential safety for those within the building as well as keeping out unwanted visitors!

Security Window Films Provide Unparalleled Safety and Security

Security window film provides the ability to easily and inexpensively protect valuables from the threat of burglars, natural disasters, or freak accidents. Security film installed on the windows of your place business, particularly ground floor windows, can give you peace of mind. For business owners in big cities, neighborhoods with high crime rates, or for those who will be away from their establishment for extended periods of time, security film will provide security whether or not you are present at the time of an attack or accident.

How It Works

Safety and security film offers an innovative solution for businesses and commercial buildings looking for a way to improve safety. This type of window film is designed to enhance safety by creating a tough, shatter-proof barrier between the glass window and its surroundings. This proves to be beneficial if someone attempts to break in because, although they can damage the glass, the robust polyester web fused to it keeps the pieces together. This way, not only will intruders be frustrated but there will also be no hazardous shards of glass scattered throughout your property. It’s an excellent way to safeguard your profits and prevent time consuming clean up should a break in occur.

Security Film for Commercial Buildings

Protect your assets and employees with reliable safety and security film for commercial buildings. This passive, 24/7 system is virtually invisible, providing complete protection from break-ins, vandalism, extreme weather events and accidents. Security film also makes your building more energy-efficient, meaning you save money in the long term without compromising safety. In the event of a break-in, security film grants your business extra time to evacuate or secure the premises until authorities arrive. Make sure your commercial building is safe and secure – invest in safety and security film today.

Safety and Security Window Film Options

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals have partnered with leading safety and security window film manufacturers such as LLumar and Vista to provide superior security solutions for both residential and commercial property owners. Drawing on our exclusive safety options, you can capitalize on robust benefits like energy efficiency, UV protection, privacy, and even decorative features. We go the extra mile to ensure your chosen solution is optimized to its fullest potential. To do this we leverage our patented C-Bond technology which increases adhesion and enhances any window film product; further reinforcing windows for maximum safety protection in commercial buildings.

Safety and Security Window Film Resources

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LLumar Clear Safety and Security Window Film

Security bars are unsightly and unideal for any property, showcasing your security concerns to any guest. Gain invisible protection with these optically clear security film options without obstructing your view.

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LLumar Exterior Safety and Security Window Film

Exterior security films deliver the same incredible benefits of defending against natural disasters, break-ins, and freak accidents. They’re designed specifically for properties that have no access to interior window surfaces.

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LLumar Solar Safety and Security Window Film

Windows are vulnerable to break-ins, harmful UV rays, and solar heat. LLumar’s solar safety and security films provide a triple threat against these threats so that property owners don’t have to make any sacrifices for leading protection.

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Safety and Security Window Film Benefits

Vandalism Protection

24/7 Invisible Protection

UV Protection

Break-In Protection

Natural Disaster Defense

Natural Disaster Defense

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