Commercial Window Film

Improve your business's energy efficiency, security, and appearance with Greenlight Window Films' commercial window films. Our films are designed specifically for commercial buildings and can help reduce energy costs while providing increased privacy and security.

Cost Effective Window Film Solutions

To Fit the Needs of Any Commercial Building

Are you looking to enhance your commercial space, boost its value, and reduce expenses? Commercial window film is an efficient and cost-effective solution for improving comfort, security, and energy efficiency in your business environment.

Window film can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your commercial property, whether it’s reducing energy consumption or providing a touch of style and privacy.

From robust safety and security films made of heavy-duty polyester to glare reduction films that shield against harmful sun rays, the applications of window film for commercial spaces are vast and varied. Few upgrades can offer the same adaptability and cost-effectiveness as window film, particularly when considering the installation process. Most films are designed for easy installation and removal, saving businesses time and money when upgrading their space or replacing damaged film.

Customization at its finest

When it comes to window film, the options are highly customizable, ensuring the flexibility to accommodate the needs of any business owner.

Commercial Applications of Security Film

Security window films offer valuable protection for your commercial property against potential break-ins, natural disasters, or unexpected accidents. Installing security film on the windows of your business, particularly on ground-floor windows, can provide peace of mind when you’re not on-site, ensuring that even if someone attempts to break in, they will likely be unsuccessful.

For businesses located in large cities, areas with high crime rates, or those that remain unoccupied for extended periods, security film delivers a sense of safety regardless of whether you are present during an incident or not. Additionally, it helps minimize the cleanup required if an unfortunate event occurs.

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Commercial Glare Reduction Window Film

Glare from sunlight can be a significant issue in commercial spaces, affecting employee comfort and productivity. Glare prevention window film is designed to address this problem by reducing the harshness of sunlight entering through windows, without compromising the overall brightness of the space. Glare prevention films typically contain polyester, as well as metalized coatings or tinted dyes. This innovative composition helps to filter out excessive brightness while maintaining a high level of light transmission. These materials are specifically chosen for their ability to minimize glare, allowing natural light to enter while providing a more comfortable environment inside. By installing glare prevention window film, you can create a more pleasant atmosphere in your commercial space, improving the experience for employees and visitors alike.

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Glass Strengthening For Maximum Protection

Durability might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about glass. In today’s language, it’s often associated with fragility, but there is a way to protect and reinforce one of the most vulnerable and costly components of any commercial building – C-Bond glass strengthening. This system is ideal for business owners as it not only enhances the strength and break-resistance of window glass, but it also works with all types of window glass, including tempered, laminated, and insulated glass, utilizing an advanced blend of nanoparticles.

C-Bond installation requires a professional due to the specific and variable process, but within just a few hours, it penetrates the window surface and forms a robust chemical bond with the silica structure. This significantly improves window strength and longevity while drastically enhancing resistance to thermal shock or impact. C-Bond has been thoroughly tested and has demonstrated an increase in glass strength by up to 200%. Business owners can confidently choose C-Bond to keep their windows safe and secure without worrying about damage or expensive repairs.

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Solar Control Window Film for Commercial Properties

Business owners are well aware that one of the most significant ongoing expenses for a commercial property is air conditioning. Continuously running the A/C consumes a considerable amount of energy, leading to substantial energy bills.

Energy-efficient window films offer an affordable and straightforward solution to this issue by minimizing energy exchange between the interior and exterior of a commercial space. Window film can either reflect or absorb a portion of the sun’s energy, reducing the amount of heat transmitted through the windows. This creates a barrier between the inside and outside of the building, helping to decrease heat gain during the summer and retain heat during the winter.

By installing window film, commercial properties can experience less heat gain during the warmer months, resulting in cost savings on energy bills. This helps to eliminate the need for constant thermostat adjustments and reduces expenses associated with heating and cooling. Additionally, many window films reflect UV rays, which can damage fixtures and furnishings, potentially leading to lower maintenance costs for the business.

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Decorative and Custom Window Film Options

Apart from the cost-saving and efficiency-boosting advantages that window film provides to commercial spaces, it is also highly customizable, allowing it to complement the aesthetic of any building. With a range of color and tint choices, as well as custom graphic options, business owners never have to compromise on their property’s appearance to enjoy energy savings.

These options are perfect for businesses looking to enhance privacy or add a unique touch to their windows, making their building stand out from the rest. While decorative options are often more commonly associated with residential window films, they can be an excellent addition to a commercial space, especially considering the relatively low cost and ease of installation and removal. This customization enables businesses to adapt their window film to seasonal or promotional themes, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

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Exterior Glass Resurfacing as an Alternative to Window Replacement

Old windows can be a significant source of moisture intrusion in a building and allow heat to escape, compromising energy efficiency. Inadequate insulation, drafts, single-paned windows, and air leaks can all contribute to substantial heat and cool air loss. Many property owners may consider window replacement as the solution. However, there is a more cost-effective and efficient alternative that can be installed in just an hour or two – exterior glass resurfacing.

While exterior glass resurfacing cannot restore a window that is falling apart or shattered, it is an excellent option for windows in relatively good condition. To prepare for the resurfacing, the window should be clean and dry, free from any debris or dust. The surface of the window should also be smooth and even, without any cracks or chips. Any necessary repairs or cleaning should be completed prior to the resurfacing process.

Once the windows are prepared, exterior glass resurfacing can breathe new life into them. By resurfacing old windows, property owners can reduce their energy consumption and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year at roughly 1/5th the cost of a complete window replacement. This alternative not only saves money but also helps to enhance the building’s overall energy efficiency.

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Municipal Window Film

At GreenLight Window Films, we recognize the significance of window film solutions for government offices and buildings. Whether your requirements involve UV protection films, bullet-resistant window films, or anything in between, our skilled team is prepared to assist. With over a decade of window film contracting expertise, we have successfully completed numerous public sector projects for state and municipal buildings, including courthouses, post offices, fire stations, and more.

Our services encompass window tinting and window graphics, and we are dedicated to offering our clients the highest quality window film products on the market. Regardless of the specific window film needs for your government buildings, trust the professionals at Custom Tint Solutions to deliver exceptional results.

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Commercial Bird Strike Prevention Film

Bird strike prevention window films can help preserve this peaceful ambiance without any unpleasant interruptions. Due to differences in their visual perception, birds often have difficulty identifying windows as obstacles. Bird strike prevention film reflects light that is visible to birds, alerting them to steer clear and avoid crashing into windows, which could result in significant damage.

This type of film is transparent and reflects light outside the visible spectrum, ensuring that it doesn’t impact the aesthetic of your commercial property or create unwanted glare. Although bird strikes may be relatively rare in commercial settings, bird strike prevention film can potentially save businesses a substantial amount of money by acting as a deterrent, preventing such accidents from happening in the first place.

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Commercial Metal and Mirror Restoration and Protection

Maintaining the pristine appearance of mirror fixtures in hotels, retail locations, or other commercial buildings can be a challenging task. We understand that mirrors can be quite expensive to repair or replace, often stretching the budgets of business owners. But the concerns don’t stop at mirrors – metal fixtures like elevators are also susceptible to vandalism and general wear and tear.

Metal and mirror refinishing offers a fantastic solution to help you maintain these fixtures without incurring the substantial costs associated with replacements. By opting for refinishing, you can bring surfaces back to a near-new condition, regardless of their age. This cost-effective approach ensures that all mirror and metal fixtures remain in excellent shape, contributing to the overall aesthetics of your property.

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Commercial Exterior Building Wraps

Embarking on the journey of establishing a commercial building can be an exhilarating investment, but it’s essential to have strategic branding and marketing in place to ensure success. Whether your goal is to promote an upcoming event or build brand awareness, exterior building wraps are the perfect solution for capturing attention and making a statement.

Exterior building wraps offer high visibility while delivering effective and versatile messaging. They have the power to transform your property into a vibrant and inviting space, drawing potential customers in from the street and ensuring that passersby take notice of your business. This creates a lasting impression that not only generates immediate interest but also paves the way for future growth and success.

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Commercial Whiteboard Film

Revolutionize your commercial space and add a modern touch with the installation of whiteboard films! These innovative films not only provide a unique platform for sparking conversation, creativity, and expression, but they also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your workplace. Whiteboard films allow you to customize designs and sizes to perfectly suit any space, ensuring that your office, conference room, or breakout area becomes a hub for collaboration and innovation. Say goodbye to the clunky dry-erase boards of the past and embrace a sleek, contemporary alternative. The smooth surface of whiteboard films is ideal for jotting down quick lesson plans, brainstorming sessions, presentations, and more. They’re also incredibly easy to clean, making them a low-maintenance and convenient option for busy work environments.

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