Exterior Building Wraps

Exterior building wraps are a revolutionary way to promote upcoming events, boost brand visibility, and make a bold statement for your commercial property.

Exterior Building Wraps for Commercial Properties

Exterior building wraps are a must for a commercial property’s exterior. With the various temperature and seasonal changes experienced by commercial buildings across the country, exterior branding can be difficult to manage. Exterior building wraps provide the perfect solution. Your building can enjoy big, eye-catching graphics that boost your presence, attract customers and promote any upcoming events or products; all while taking on the elements like a champion. So don’t let exterior marketing be a step you miss out on – exterior building wraps provide a creative solution that spreads your message farther than ever before.

Why You Need Exterior Building Wraps for Your Commercial Building

Establishing a commercial building can be an exciting investment, but it requires strategic branding and marketing to succeed. Whether you want to promote an upcoming event or instill brand awareness, exterior building wraps are the perfect solution. They offer high visibility while providing effective and versatile messaging. They also bring life to your property so that potential customers are drawn in from the street and passersby quickly take notice of your business, creating a lasting impression that can open doors for future growth. Investing in exterior building wraps is an invaluable asset for any business looking to make the most out of their property.

The Benefits of 3M Exterior Building Wraps

3M produces the highest quality exterior building wraps on the market for commercial applications. Clients can expect the following benefits in addition to numerous more:

  • Water-resistant, soil-resistant, and graffiti-resistant
  • Quick installations
  • Smooth finish regardless of textured surface
  • Perfect for short-term and long-term projects
  • Can be applied to any surface including textured exteriors like brick
  • HD printing for premium graphics
  • UV-resistant ink for longevity

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GreenLight Window Films is the nation’s go-to expert when it comes to exterior building wraps for commercial buildings. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your exterior with a bold look, or give your exterior an upgrade with custom graphics, you can count on our experienced design team to help bring your vision to life. Make exterior building wraps a part of your business plan and watch thriving results – contact us today for your free estimate!