Exterior Glass Resurfacing

Transform the look of your building's exterior with Greenlight Window Films' exterior glass resurfacing services.

Exterior Resurfacing Solutions

After years of exposure to harsh elements, windows will likely begin to shows signs of wear and tear. For commercial building owners, this can be unsightly and drive away potential customers. This puts business owners in a difficult position – pay the hefty cost of total window replacement, or gamble on potential revenue loss by leaving the windows as is. Exterior window resurfacing can meet business owners half-way and provide a new, restored look to existing windows at a fraction of the price of replacement. Additionally, resurfacing exterior windows can lower energy bills, reducing the amount of energy transfer between the interior and exterior of the building. For business owners looking to revitalize their windows, improve their energy efficiency and save money, exterior window resurfacing is certainly a worthwhile choice.

Why Exterior Window Resurfacing Matters

When it comes to commercial spaces, exterior appearances can make all the difference. Not only is a property’s exterior important for tenants, customers, and employees; but its overall curb appeal also directly affects the value of the property. Updating outdated windows can be quite costly – not only requiring extensive installation and downtime, but also tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Fortunately exterior window resurfacing offers an effective and affordable alternative. With exterior window resurfacing you could save thousands of dollars that could be reinvested in other areas of your business. Even if a buildings windows aren’t yet showing signs of wear and tear, window film is an excellent preventative measure, as well as a money saver due to it’s energy saving capabilities.

The Benefits of Window Film for Exterior Resurfacing

Window chips and cracks can detract from the appearance of a building, even leading it to look unappealing or run down. Exterior window film provides an almost imperceptible yet discreet way of covering these glass defects while giving historic buildings, as well as those high-up or hard-to-reach windows, a sophisticated finishing touch. Here are just a few of the benefits exterior window resurfacing provides a commercial building:

  • Repairs chipped, cracked, and discolored windows for a polished look
  • Provides a more affordable alternative to costly window replacement
  • Saves money on energy costs by adding an extra level of insulation
  • Makes aged and vintage buildings look newer and more modern
  • Increases tenant retention and potential tenant attraction
  • Gives guests a great first impression of your commercial property
  • Spandrel painting for premium, modern look

Exterior Window Film Applications

Whether you’re looking to restore former glory of your buildings windows, or cut down on energy costs, exterior window film boasts a vast array of practical applications. From hotels and high-rise buildings to apartments and offices some of these applications include:

  • Hotels, motels, and other hospitality buildings can benefit from the polished look that exterior window film provides.
  • High-rise buildings can take advantage of the window film’s ability to repair chipped, cracked and discolored windows, making the building look more modern.
  • High-up or hard-to-reach glass can be a challenge to maintain, but exterior window film can help repair and protect these areas.
  • Hospital buildings can take advantage of window film’s ability to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.

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