Solar Control Window Film

Increase comfort and save energy with Greenlight Window Films' commercial solar control window film solutions.

Energy-Saving Window Tint for Commercial Properties

Commercial building owners across the country know the financial impact of high energy expenses. With unpredictable weather, unique architectural layout and regulatory requirements, reducing energy expenditure can be difficult. Sun control window film represents an economical answer to expense reduction and is often more cost-effective than replacement windows. From large office buildings in Los Angeles to small businesses of Nashville, sun control window film has the power to reduce energy costs by up to one-third annually while also increasing the longevity of HVAC systems by preventing heat loss. With sun control window films, commercial buildings are able to capture the cost savings they need without sacrificing durability or aesthetics.

How Will Sun Control Film Save Me Money?

Window tinting has progressed significantly in recent years and is now one of the most versatile sun control options available. Today, sun control window film offers up to 99 percent UV protection, far and away more than traditional lightly-coated plastic sheets. These sun control films are made from thick sheets of tear resistant polyester that feature reflective metals or ceramics woven into their composition. As a result, they provide greater sun protection with minimal glare. Commercial buildings especially benefit from modern sun control window films as they simultaneously reduce exterior noise while saving energy costs by blocking out an increased amount of heat. Therefore, sun control film offers a vast array of benefits to both commercial and residential establishments.

Commercial Benefits of Energy Saving Window Tint

As a business owner, you know just how expensive running a successful company can be. Energy costs for heating and cooling are often through the roof, causing profits to dip significantly. Fortunately, there is an easy sun control window film solution that can reduce energy costs by up to 30%. Installing sun control window film in commercial buildings provides great thermal insulation, resulting in reduced air conditioning and heating bills throughout the year. It also ensures your employees stay focused and more productive while providing higher comfort levels to buyers and guests. Sun control window film offers a valuable solution to help your business save money while allowing your employees to flourish in their ideal working conditions.

Window tinting isn’t just about saving money, but also protects your assets – sun control window film can guard your commercial building’s merchandise, flooring and furniture from damaging UV rays. Although it may seem too good to be true, with sun control window film you can start saving on your monthly bills while enjoying improved indoor comfort. There’s no time like the present to begin this amazing cost-saving journey: take the first step towards increased savings and sun protection for your business today by investing in sun control window film!

Energy-Efficient Window Tint Options for Your Commercial Building

As energy continues to rise cost, energy efficient film continues to rise in popularity. This increase in interest has led to a variety of brands developing their own specialized films. Here are some of our favorite options for commercial properties:

  • 3M Window Film: Choose from the 3M Window Film Low-E 35, 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series, 3M Sun Control Window Film Ceramic Series, and the 3M Sun Control Window Film Night Vision Series for year-round insulation and savings. Ideal for a variety of industries, you can enjoy savings and potential LEED certification.
  • LLumar Window Film: LLumar has an incredible variety of energy-efficient architectural films that offer leading solar rejection in addition to other benefits like privacy, glare reduction, and UV protection. Enjoy energy savings from the following window film series: reflective, dual-reflective, deluxe, neutral, ceramic, exterior, harmony, low-E, and spectrally selective.
  • Huper Optik Window Film: As one of the leaders in energy conservation solutions, Huper Optik also offers a wide array of various energy-saving window film options. Its complete line of commercial products provides different aesthetics, solar heat rejection technology, and other benefits to choose from.
  • Madico Window Film: Madico and its child-brand Sunscape both deliver creative window film solutions that address a variety of commercial property concerns. You can find the perfect hue, upgrades, and other benefits to complete this investment in addition to great energy savings.
  • Solar Gard Window Film: If window clarity and views are an important priority for your project, Solar Gard has some incredible window film options to choose from. You can lower your HVAC consumption while also ensuring optically clear views from your commercial property.

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Investing in sun control window film for your commercial property is a great way to improve the employee workspace and buyer experience while also offering a tremendous return on investment. GreenLight Window Films is proud to provide estimates on energy-saving window film for your specific needs and can schedule an appointment for a free on-site consultation. So take the first step today; take advantage of this ROI, and start enhancing the user experience right away – call Custom Tint Solutions now!