Municipal Window Film Applications

Enhance the performance and appearance of your municipal buildings with Greenlight Window Films' window film applications.

Municipal Applications of Window Film

At GreenLight Window Films, we understand the importance of window film for any government office or building. Whether you need window films that provide UV protection, bullet-resistant window films or anything in between, our team is ready to help. We have over a decade of window film contracting experience and have worked on numerous public sector projects for state and municipal buildings including courthouses, post offices, fire stations and more. Our services range from window tinting to window graphics and we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality window film products available. So no matter what type of window film you need to protect your governmental buildings, trust the experts at Custom Tint Solutions to get the job done right.

Improved Comfort With Glare and Heat Reducing Films

The operations inside municipal buildings are integral to our society, from the important deliberations of local officials to the many daily tasks conducted by government personnel. Consequently, it makes sense to create an environment within these spaces that is both comfortable and productive for workers. Recent studies highlight the significance of window film in this equation; glare-reducing window film reduces heat gain and gives employees better visibility of their screens so they can work more efficiently. Furthermore, improved comfort levels have also been proven to lead to lower absenteeism and tardiness, making window film a demonstrably beneficial investment for any municipal building.

Security Films Help Keep Officials Safe

In todays unpredictable world, a heightened focus on safety surrounding municipal buildings is a priority. Threats of ballistics or bomb attacks on numerous government buildings across the US have become more commonplace. It is critical to ensure that every measure is taken to minimize any risk of an attack. Our window film security products can improve protection and reduce damage greatly in case of an incident. These window films are paired with C-bond adhesives providing strong resistance against even bullet or bomb attacks – significantly hindering any would-be attackers. The glass window will break into pin-sized fragments which stay attached to the window film following the incident – thus safeguarding the premises from flying glass shrapnel resulting from a destroyed window due to such an attack. The window film also make it take longer for any intruder to penetrate into government buildings. These precious seconds can be critical when these types of events unfold, as the safety of those inside the building depend on them.

UV Blocking Film for Brighter Interiors and Better Health

Government buildings are especially vulnerable to the fervent sun rays that beam through windows, and their effects can be both dangerous and damaging. Unprotected skin is subject to potential health risks such as sunburns, headaches, and even life-threatening skin or eye diseases due to over-exposure of UV light. Furnishings are not safe either, as fabrics can fade, dry and crack in response to the harmful rays. Fortunately, window film works as a barrier against these hazardous effects by blocking 99.9% of all UV light entering municipal buildings. Installing window film reduces employee health risks and protects the interior fixtures of public buildings at the same time, making it an ideal solution for protecting the people and things inside government buildings.

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