Fade Protection and SPF 1000 Window Film

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Residential Window Tint for Fade Protection

Homeowners invest a great deal of time, energy, and resources into their abodes in an effort to make them a safe, comfortable place to live. With all of this time and energy, no homeowner wants to feel like they aren’t getting the most out of their investment. Amongst the numerous threats to a homes integrity, the sun can be one of the most destructive and dangerous.

The Glaring Truth

Each day for hours on end, harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays work to ruin our hard work, damaging our homes as well as our bodies. UV reflective window tint is a must in order to prevent damage to floors and furniture, as well as your health. Without proper protection, these floors and fixtures will quickly become faded causing them to appear older and worn down. As mentioned, UV rays also pose a serious threat to anyone exposed to them – being the leading cause of skin cancer worldwide.

In order to combat these hidden dangers, property owners have a wide variety of options to protect themselves. By far one of the best is the installation of high quality UV reflective window tint. This type of tint’s advanced composition often contains robust materials like silver and ceramic, offering superb spectral filtering. They reflect Ultra Violet light while simultaneously allowing the majority of the visible light spectrum (VLS) to pass though, ensuring your home retains the cozy feeling of natural light while being protected from the harmful effects of UV exposure. There’s no better way to shield yourself and your belongings from these rays than with professional grade window tint. Continue below to learn more details about this type of window tint so you can decide if it’s the right type of tint for you.

Home Benefits of Fade Protection Window Tint

Have you ever stepped onto a wood floor to find it warped and misshapen? Or maybe you sat on your favorite couch one day only to find its rich color to be much more dull and muted than you remember? These are common problems homeowners encounter when their windows offer little to no UV protection. Just about everything inside a residential property is vulnerable to UV radiation. Curtains, carpets, rugs, and sofas all find themselves in the crosshairs; even the floor isn’t safe. This type of damage is 100% preventable and by installing UV reflective tint, homeowners could save hundreds, if not – thousands of dollars by extending the life of expensive fixtures and their homes interior. Everyone wants to keep their space beautiful and vibrant, and nobody wants to spend a lot of money replacing worn furniture that could have lasted longer. UV reflective window tint is a cheap and speedy way to protect your home and add to it’s value!

Health Benefits of UV Reflective Window Tint

Homeowners should be aware that UV light damages more than just their home and it’s furnishings when considering whether or not to install UV reflective window tint. Numerous peer reviewed studies have repeatedly demonstrated that UV radiation exposure can cause irreparable damage to a person’s health. Homeowners can limit their exposure to UV radiation with a high quality UV reflective tint, ensuring that being at home is not adding to the likelihood of devastating health issues. Additionally, these types of tints are not particularly expensive or time consuming to install, so homeowners can get protection and peace of mind cheaply and in just a few hours.

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