Sun Control Window Film

Keep your home cool and comfortable with Greenlight Window Films' sun control window films.

A Convenient Solution to a Common Problem

Every home has quirks, and luckily – some of the easiest to iron out are common problems that arise from un-tinted windows. Solar Control window tints are a great option for homes in sunny areas that could use an upgrade. These window tints can be customized to your specific window and are a fantastic utilitarian workhorse providing an array of benefits like improved energy efficiency and reduced heat gain. Think of this kind of tint as an extra layer of insulation, it helps keep temperature changes and undesirable light from the sun at bay. Homes with south-facing windows can significantly reduce heat gain and stay cool during the summer months, and low-E window film on north-facing windows could improve energy consumption and reduce heating costs in winter. You don’t have to sacrifice on the beauty of your home either, many tints are highly customizable and can fit the aesthetic of any home!  Continue reading to learn about how adding window films could improve your homes performance while keeping your personal style intact.

Transitional and Photochromic Window Tints

Transitional/photochromic window film is an adaptive film that reduces glare and heat gain by changing to suit it’s environment. The tint contains photochromic dyes that respond to UV rays by getting darker. Eventually, when UV intensity decreases, the tint gradually returns to its original, lighter color. It’s a great way to smooth out the transition from bright to low light and make sure early risers and night owls alike aren’t caught off guard by changes in luminosity. Homeowners can retail ideal lighting in their homes at all times without uncomfortable times of day or having to manually adjust any shades!

Solar Window Tints

Solar window tints, also known as Sun blocking window tints, are a great way to reduce the amount of heat and light entering through your windows. Utilizing state of the art film technology that absorbs, reflects or scatters the sun’s rays, this film is an effective barrier against unwanted light and heat. This makes it a cost effective choice to improve your home, quickly generating savings by cutting bills and protecting fixtures – all while being easy to install. Homeowners can enjoy energy savings on air conditioning bills, halting the progression of furniture fading, and an array of other benefits with one simple and easy to install upgrade.

Varieties and Options

Metalized window tint is made with tiny embedded metal particles, such as aluminum, which interact with the sunlight to reflect up to 60% of its rays away from your windows. This is a good option for homeowners who have complaints about brightness at certain times of day.

Dye based window tints are becoming increasingly popular with residential homeowners due to their visually appealing look and effective sun protection capabilities. By injecting a dye into window film, this window tinting provides a range of colors for homeowners to choose from. Dyed window tints provide more flexibility when it comes to the desired darkness of their window tint, as they come in a variety of shades ranging from very light to very dark.

Finally, ceramic window tint is a popular choice for homeowners in areas with intense sun. The ceramic particles embedded directly into the film allow for superior sun protection. Ceramic window tint does an excellent job at lowering the overall temperature of a home and keeps the residents comfortable. It is not reflective like other tints so you can enjoy an unobstructed view from your windows.

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If you feel like too much sunlight is getting into your home, or your heating and cooling bills are higher than they should be, you may have just stumbled upon the best and cheapest solution. With Solar Control window tint you sleep easy knowing that you’ll wake up to a perfect naturally lit morning without harsh sun glare and that you aren’t throwing away money on unnecessary energy consumption. Here at GreenLight Window Films, we aim to provide customers with the highest quality window film products and installation services in the business, so give us a call and schedule your free consultation today!

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