Commercial Whiteboard Film

Transform any smooth surface into a functional whiteboard with commercial whiteboard film from Greenlight Window Films.

Whiteboard Film for Your Commercial Property

Add a contemporary flair to any commercial building with whiteboard films! Not only do whiteboard films provide a unique way to foster discussion, creativity and expression, they also add aesthetic value. With whiteboard films, you can customize designs and sizes to fit virtually any space. Whiteboard films offer a smooth surface that allows for quick lesson plans, brainstorming sessions, presentations, and more. Forget the bulky dry-erase boards of the past and upgrade your space with whiteboard films – an option that combines both function and style!

Why You Need Whiteboard Film

Working in a commercial building can bring with it a unique set of challenges – not least of which is finding creative and efficient ways to maximize space. If your business or office is struggling with an unconventional room layout, whiteboard film could be the perfect design solution for you. Whiteboard films are designed to bond seamlessly with glass or any other nonporous surface, giving you all the advantages of a whiteboard without having to physically build one into the structure. By upgrading existing surfaces with whiteboard film, you can create more efficient workspace functions, free up space, according to your design needs and objectives – all while not sacrificing a modern aesthetic.

Benefits of Whiteboard Film for Your Commercial Property

Whiteboard film provides a versatile solution to any commercial building’s whiteboarding needs, proving resilient in both healthcare facilities and creative office spaces alike. As whiteboard marker lines can easily be removed without compromised whiteboard film integrity or left-over residue, whiteboard film eliminates the need for those cumbersome, permanent whiteboards; allowing users access to a lightweight and thin formatting option that saves room and money simultaneously. With whiteboard film you can illustrate ideas, texts, and diagrams with ease without having to worry about ghosting over time. Choose whiteboard film for all your whiteboarding needs – it’s designed to stand the test of time.

The Types of Whiteboard Film Available

We carry the highest quality whiteboard film from all of the leading manufacturers. A couple of the

  • Solyx Writable Dry Erase Window & Wall Films: Boasting seven different whiteboard film options, with different aesthetics for either window or wall installation. Pick from stunning options that can be applied to a wide variety of industries and property types.

options available include:

  • 3M DI-NOC Whiteboard Film: Available in white, neutral, and brown, this whiteboard film option resembles natural materials and can be remodeled and reused. Can be applied to a variety of surfaces including walls, fixtures, elevators, doors, table tops, partitions, and more.

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At GreenLight Window Films, we are proud to provide the best whiteboard film solutions for commercial buildings nationwide. This innovative product can help improve both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of any property. Our whiteboard film is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for busy commercial properties. Contact us today for a free quote to learn more about this amazing solution–you won’t be disappointed!