C-Bond Systems

C-Bond Systems from Greenlight Window Films are a proprietary glass strengthening technology designed to enhance safety and security for your home or business.

C-Bond Security Systems for Ballistic Resistance

GreenLight Window Films is proud to be the leading C-Bond solution supplier in the nation. C-Bond glass strengthening agents are revolutionizing the industry with their exceptional security window film systems. These systems effectively deter forced entry, offer resistance to bullets, explosions, and extreme weather conditions – making them uniquely valuable for commercial building owners. C-Bond is pushing the boundaries of ballistic resistant window tint technology in Austin and San Antonio, so investing in C-Bond solutions now guarantees that security levels will stay ahead of what tomorrow brings.

About C-Bond Systems

C-Bond Systems combine the cutting-edge technology of nanotube particles and premium window film, creating an incredibly effective system to mitigate against glass breakage in commercial buildings. Constructed by a team of scientists and engineers who specialize in nanotechnology, C-Bond penetrates even the smallest of pores to alter the molecular structure of glass and eliminate imperfections. The C-Bond primer serves as an ultra hardy protective foundation upon which multiple layers of security window film can be applied, significantly enhancing resistance to impact. C-Bond Systems provide a reliable way to increase protection inside any commercial building.

Advantages of C-Bond Systems

C-Bond Systems provide an unprecedented solution for enhanced security in schools, commercial buildings, and businesses. C-Bond is a nanotechnology product that has been rigorously tested by scientists; it reinforces the structure of glass and eliminates its weaknesses. C-Bond’s effectiveness has made its popularity soar – more and more constructions around the country are now implementing C-Bond window film to secure their establishments. C-Bond offers an unparalleled level of peace of mind in terms of protection and security – it is the ultimate choice when it comes to safeguarding your property.


  • Resistant to gunshots, explosions, and blasts
  • Improve the performance of window film products
  • Protect against hail, high speed winds, and natural disasters
  • Deter intruders by creating a shatter resistant barrier

Get a Quote on C-Bond Window Systems

At GreenLight Window Films, we understand the importance of protection and peace of mind. C-Bond window film is the ideal solution that offers greater safety and security for schools, offices, and commercial buildings. Our free security consultation will assess your requirements to determine the most suitable C-Bond installation for you. Don’t wait – call us today to receive an estimate on your C-Bond window treatment!