Glare Reduction Window Tint

Don't let glare ruin your day. Greenlight Window Films' glare reduction window films block the sun's glare, improving comfort and productivity in your home or office.

Residential Window Tint For Glare Reduction

Don’t let glare ruin your family move night or make using your computer difficult at home. Glare can be responsible for severe headaches, squinting, and discomfort. Luckily, this common problem is one of the easiest and cheapest for homeowners to resolve. Anti-Glare window tint is an effective way to reduce glare and enhance livability. This type of window tinting offers homeowners the opportunity to drastically reduce glare by up to 78%! Every homeowner wants to get the most out of their space, so when it comes to optimizing comfort, glare reduction window film should not be overlooked. 

Glare Reduction Window Tint Benefits

Trying to watch a movie or sports game can be difficult when there’s too much glare present. Glare can also affect working from home negatively and any other screen viewing activity. Not only can this be a frustrating experience, but it can also be a difficult one to solve. Blinds and curtains block out the sun completely and can make your space look dark and unwelcoming. Glare reduction tint provides a solution to reducing glare in your home and is perfect for all types and sizes of Texas residential buildings.

  • Prevents eye strain and discomfort
  • Eliminates glare on TVs, computers, and tablets
  • Provides an abundance of natural light and brightness
  • Improves home comfort
  • Increase computer productivity for work or homework

Types of Glare Reduction Films

Find the right solution for controlling glare in your home. There are many different types of residential window film that can be used to reduce glare in your home including:

  • Reflective/metallic: These window films have a visible sheen and, much like a mirror, produce a reflection of their surroundings. Not only are they a great option for controlling glare, but they also have a distinct, sophisticated look.
  • Neutral: Neutral films are a classic choice and are coveted for their luxurious look and feel. They are an excellent option for diffusing and softening light.
  • Spectrally selective: Spectrally selective films have the ability to cast out UV and infrared rays, making them a great energy efficient option as well as a great solution for glare.
  • Frosted/decorative: Frosted and decorative films can also reduce glare since they alter the clarity of glass.

How Glare Reduction Film Works

Glare is more than just a nuisance; it’s also detrimental to your health and can cause headaches, fatigue, nausea, and eye damage. Glare reduction window film is a modern solution for eliminating problematic glare in your home. It works by reducing the intensity of incoming light and changing how it’s distributed throughout the room. Instead of concentrating in a single area, light is softened, redirected, and diffused evenly throughout the room as it passes through the film. And by blocking ultraviolet rays and heat, it also makes your home more comfortable and protects it from the sun.

Contact Us For More Information on Glare Reduction Window Film

If you feel that you are getting a bit too much sun, or that your home could be more energy efficient – glare reduction window film could be the perfect solution. While it’s easy to assume worthwhile upgrades and renovations would cost a fortune, glare reduction window tint has relatively little up-front cost and will show results within days of installation. At GreenLight Window Films, we strive to provide customers with the highest quality window film and tint on the market. Our installation teams are prompt and experienced and will ensure that your window film installation process is painless and headache free – so give us a call and schedule your free consultation today!