C-Bond Glass Strengthening System Window Film

Protect your home and loved ones with Greenlight Window Films' glass strengthening window films.

Glass Strengthening Applications for Residential Property

Dozens of hours and truckloads of expensive resources are a natural part of a homeowners path to transform a residence into a home. After such a grueling process and heavy investment, homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about a stray baseball or tree branch ruining their next week. Glass fixtures in homes are the most vulnerable and can be some of the most expensive to replace, with glass strengthening, homeowners can ensure they don’t have to worry about coming home to a broken window.

C-Bond Glass Strengthening

Being prepared for unforeseen event’s is key to maintaining your residential property. By taking precautionary measures, homeowners can mitigate the damage of unexpected events and protect their home. If you find yourself looking for a high quality and inexpensive way to protect your glass windows and doors, C-Bond Glass Strengthening Systems could be your perfect solution. C-bond is a liquid solution, applied to the surface of glass, forms a durable protective coating after drying. This incredibly strong barrier protects your homes glass windows and doors against strikes and impact, potentially saving thousands of dollars. In areas with strong winds, this state of the art glass strengthening system can prevent your glass from shattering when debris is swept up and strikes your home. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits homeowners can enjoy after installing C-Bond, offering them peace of mind knowing they have taken safety precautions should an unexpected situation arise.

C-Bond Radically Increases Durability

Harsh rains and rapid winds are a homeowners worst nightmare. These conditions can blow tree branches and other debris through the air, and being caught unprepared can be expensive. The National Windstorm Impact Testing Program has shown that C-bond glass strengthening provides residential homes with the protection they need. C-Bond can up to double the strength of your glass, and combined with other window film solutions, can quickly work to turn your home into a stormproof fortress. Investing in C-bond glass strengthening for your home could save you thousands from potential damage caused by flying debris, giving you peace of mind during rough weather.

The C-Bond Process

Typically the whole process is done by a professional to ensure homeowners get the most out of their upgrade. Everything begins with carefully cleaning and drying the glass. Once the glass is clean, C-Bond liquid is applied with a sprayer, brush or roller. It is then allowed to dry for 24 hours while the bonding process begins. During this time, a coating forms on the surface of the glass, bonds to it and creating a stronger, more durable surface. Tiny particles in the solution create a strong mechanical bond with the glass, while polymer resins create a chemical bond. Once the coating has dried, It is recommended that your glass is inspected to ensure everything has been applied evenly and thoroughly.

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Don’t be caught underprepared, storms can be unpredictable and it’s always best to be ready for the unexpected. When that “light sprinkle” turns into 60 mile per hour winds and thunder, knowing your home can stand to the challenge can be a massive relief. C-Bond aims to provide homeowners with peace of mind by making sure that their glass windows and doors are able to withstand the toughest conditions. At GreenLight Window Films, our team of experienced professionals puts the safety of your home first and meticulously work to ensure that it is the most protected it can be, so get in touch with us today and schedule your free consultation!