Commercial Bird Strike Prevention

Protect birds and your building with Greenlight Window Films' commercial bird strike prevention window film solutions.

Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Commercial Properties

Window collisions are a major issue for bird populations worldwide. Now, bird strike prevention film may be the answer to reducing bird fatalities caused by window collisions. Glass has reflective properties that cause birds to assume the landscape they see reflected in it is an open path of flight. As a result, bird strikes occur and often result in serious injury or death for bird populations. This is most commonly seen in commercial buildings with large windows as countless birds collide with the outside glass surface every year. Thankfully, bird strike prevention film can be applied to any size window and eliminates the risk of bird strikes by removing reflections from outside surfaces, thus preventing potential fatalities. By applying this bird prevention film to windows on commercial buildings, we take a huge step towards creating safer skies for our feathered friends who otherwise would die needlessly due to window reflection-related collisions.

How It Works

Residential bird strikes are a leading cause of bird injuries and fatalities in the United States. Of all bird strike incidents, 44% take place in residential home windows, with low-rise buildings like apartments and condos accounting for the majority at 56%. The high number of bird strikes in these residential homes is due to the vast volume; there are 123 million homes nationwide compared to only 15 million low-rise buildings and 22,000 high-rises. To protect bird species from needless death, bird strike prevention film has been developed for commercial window use. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness on the reduction of bird collisions and it can be easily applied to any surface. Window film provides businesses across the US with a necessary tool in bird strike prevention, safeguarding both birds and businesses alike.

Commercial Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film

Bird strike prevention window film (also known as bird safety window film, fritted window film, or bird collision prevention window film) is an effective, time-tested method for deterring bird collisions with windows of commercial buildings. These bird impact-prevention films help keep both mature and immature birds of any species from crashing into glass walls. The frosted or etched decals form a nearly invisible grid pattern, allowing birds to easily discern the impermeable barrier. Some benefits of bird strike prevention film include:

  • Longevity – Sporting an attractive 6-year warranty, bird strike window decals have an expected lifespan of more than 8 years and are resistant to routine window cleaning. DIY grid patterns only last about a month while window film delivers an effective solution for years to come.
  • Affordability – Not only is our film easy to install and replace but in terms of building maintenance, it’s a time and money saver – preventing costly damage and time consuming clean-ups. Window film is the more affordable alternative to fritted glass replacement.
  • Visibility – Unlike some solutions that prevent birds from hitting windows, bird strike prevention window film provides in excess of 98% clear viewing, maintaining optical clarity for building occupants.
  • Appearance – Window markers are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing designs that maintain the natural appearance and architectural features of a building. Only visible when up close, these films won’t compromise the appearance of your residential or commercial property.

Types of Bird Collision Prevention Window Film Available

We’ve partnered with some of the leading bird strike prevention window film manufacturers to provide our clients with the most effective options available.

  • Solyx Bird Safety Window Film: Solyx offers several options for bird strike prevention film. From basic frosted vertical lines to intricate and colorful nature-inspired patterns, you can choose the best aesthetic option for your needs while keeping your building safe from bird strikes.
  • Feather Friendly Bird Collision Window Film: Feather Friendly has both commercial and residential solutions available, available in 10 stock patterns, this film is an excellent option for preventing bird collisions. Additionally, for more aesthetic applications, they offer custom patterns and colors in addition to bird safety decal printing for energy-saving and security window film.
  • Solar Gard byDESIGN Modern Bird Strike Window Film: This option allows the freedom to choose from 3 standard patterns that help maintain visible light transmission, reduce glass reflectivity, and ensure effective bird strike prevention.
  • Bird Divert: Bird Divert is an innovative window film manufactured by National Window Film. It offers an effective solution to prevent bird collisions with glass in urban areas. It is invisible to humans but visible to birds, using UV technology to protect our avian friends. With industry recognition and versatile applications, Bird Divert promotes bird safety and complies with local laws, ensuring a brighter future for both cities and birds.

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