Decorative Flat Glass Film

Make a lasting impression with Greenlight Window Films' commercial decorative window films. Our films provide privacy, branding, and design elements that can help elevate the look of your business.

Decorative Window Film Can Enhance Any Commercial Space

Decorative flat glass film is quickly becoming an indispensable element of the business world. All things considered – it’s no wonder why. From textured films that add a touch of class to restaurant dining rooms or hotel lobbies, to fully customized displays for offices and other retail oriented spaces, decorative flat glass films are a cost effective way to give businesses a decorative edge. These stunning window films can be applied on both the interior and exterior of your commercial space; and the abundance of flexibility allows for endless options. Whether you need an entirely textured glass wall or frosted striped windows with your company logo; decorative flat glass film has got you covered.

How It Works

Decorative flat glass films come in many different types and varieties. Each variety has a unique creation process that will influence the look and style, so it’s important to consider how the film is made before you make your final selection.

Textured film is typically made by using a vinyl material with a unique texture printed on it. This texture diffuses the light that passes through it, causing it to scatter in many different directions. Without the light being focused in a single direction, it drastically increases privacy while retaining a unique and beautiful fractal aesthetic.

Frosted films are created by sandblasting the surface of the film to create a matte finish that obscures visibility but still allows light through. These types of films are great for meeting rooms that need to be private without feeling claustrophobic.

Etched films have a similar creation process to textured films – first the design is created in a program like CAD and then printed and laminated onto the glass with a specially designed window film printer.

Keep in mind, these are just a few examples and there are many more varieties to choose from, all with their own unique aesthetic and design process!

Which Film Is Best For You?

As we already know, different businesses have different needs. These needs will impact which type of film is right for your business. Luxury businesses such as spas, salons, and other similar establishments typically opt for textured film as it provides an aesthetically pleasing decorative finish. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of privacy to any space and is a fantastic option for those looking to remove the ‘stark’ feeling often associated with corporate settings.

If your commercial space needs a touch of elegance and sophistication then etched window film may be for you. Typically found in hotels, restaurants, and retail stores, etched film overhauls the ambience of an entryway or lobby by adding stunning, decorative style. It’s perfect for first impressions on customers and projects taste as well as professional decorum. Plus, installation is easy and affordable; so you get an impressive decorative finish without spending too much money.

Frosted film, is a handy solution for privacy-sensitive areas such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, and private offices. This solution has a lot of flexibility and has no problem feeling cohesive with any type of décor. Commercial environments such as legal and medical offices, as well as schools and even hospitals can take a decorative approach to privacy, in the process creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that blends harmoniously into the existing décor.

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